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Taking the positives from 2020

08 December 2020
3 min read

It’s been a tough year for many people around the world. But despite everything that’s happened in...

US election: What does it mean for investors?

30 October 2020
1 min read

Some investors may decide to hold off on deploying capital until after US election result without...

We’ve cut our fixed income fees

29 October 2020
3 min read

Great news! We’ve reduced the fees on our Fixed Interest and Income managed funds to help investors...

Quarterly investment update: September 2020

21 October 2020
3 min read

Investment markets were relatively subdued in the third quarter of calendar 2020 compared with the...

Is responsible investment becoming the new normal?

20 October 2020
4 min read

Responsible investment is entering the mainstream of funds management as climate change, global...

The case for ethical investing

12 October 2020
3 min read

Ethical investing can harness the power of money to deliver competitive returns – as well as...

What makes a healthcare investment ethical?

30 September 2020
3 min read

Investing selectively in healthcare can deliver strong long-term performance as well as helping to...

Getting familiar with managed funds

03 September 2020
3 min read

We’re well known for our superannuation products, but did you know we’ve been offering managed funds...

Why are companies raising capital during COVID?

26 August 2020
3 min read

Australia has led the world on capital raises during the COVID-19 pandemic. Here are some companies...

Our investment performance for the financial year 2019-2020

21 August 2020
6 min watch

We chat with our Chief Investment Officer about our investment performance for the financial year 2019-2020.

Investing in a resilient recovery

17 August 2020
3 min read

Technology will play a crucial role in helping Australia build resilience as we move through the...

Let's come back even stronger

15 August 2020
4 min read

Humanity has a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to reshape society for the better in the aftermath of...

Taking a universal view of investing

14 August 2020
3 min read

It’s time for super funds to reject short-term thinking and embrace their role as long-term...

Our resilient performance during COVID-19

29 July 2020
5 min read

Australian Ethical produced great performance for the 2019-20 financial year despite the volatility...

Taking a stand on animal agriculture

10 July 2020
1 min read

We’ve continued to develop our ethical position on animal agriculture over the past year. As a...

Here's how our ethics team advocate for a better world

15 June 2020
11 min watch

We chatted with Amanda Richman, one of the Ethics Analysts here at Australian Ethical, about how...

Getting value for your super fees

20 March 2020
3 min read

Super fees are under scrutiny at the moment, and with good reason: the fees you pay will affect your...

Three healthcare investments for a more...

02 March 2020
3 min read

Ethical investing isn’t just about excluding negative companies. It’s also about actively looking...

We delivered strong performance in 2019

18 February 2020
4 min read

There was plenty of political drama in 2019, but that didn’t stop investment markets and our funds...

Why do we invest in banks?

07 January 2020
4 min read

Australia needs a responsible and well-regulated banking sector to fund large-scale renewable...

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