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Ethical investment:
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The world is changing. People are making more considered choices, from the clothes they wear to the investments they make. Investors are demanding companies to act more responsibly and they are seeking competitive returns without compromising their values.

Our investment portfolios are well placed to benefit from global megatrends like:



Innovative software
Medical technology


Renewable energy

Clean energy solutions
Low-carbon transport
Avoid big carbon-emitters



Aged care
Medical solutions
Health and wellbeing

Beyond ESG

Australian Ethical has always gone beyond ESG (environmental, social and governance criteria) with its unique combination of ethical screening. Our Ethical Charter has both positive and negative screens, which means we don’t simply avoid companies with a negative impact but we proactively seek out companies that do good.

And while we’ve evolved in many ways since starting in 1986, we have always stayed true to this rigorous positive and negative screening process.


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Get the latest updates on ethical investments and learn more on the positive impact our investments have on planet, people and animals.

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Ethical Charter

Our Ethical Charter is a series of statements that guide both the positive side (investments we seek out) and the negative side (investments we avoid) of our ethical approach.

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Our position

Here’s our stance on the issues we get asked about the most. We’ve developed them by asking what’s best for people, the planet and animals, using the principles of our Ethical Charter.

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Responsible Investment Association Australasia (RIAA)’s most recent 2018 Benchmark Report notes that 55.5% of Australia’s professionally managed assets are invested responsibly. This includes funds that may consider to varying degrees, ESG (environmental, social and governance), exclusions, sustainability-themed and impact in their investment approach.

So how do you cut through all this jargon and what are the opportunities?

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Community giving

We believe it’s important for businesses to play a leadership role in making the world a better place, not just to make a profit. That’s why we distribute 10% of our yearly after-tax profits (before deducting bonuses) to charitable organisations and social impact initiatives, through the Australian Ethical Foundation.

Our community grants are given to grassroots efforts that are changing things for the better. We provide financial support to not-for-profit organisations who contribute to humanitarian, environmental and animal welfare efforts in Australia and abroad.


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