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Australian Ethical is an investment manager and superannuation fund with a difference.

We believe that the power of money can be harnessed to deliver both positive returns and positive change for society and the environment. By investing responsibly in well-managed, ethical companies, this is exactly what we achieve.

Ethical Investment: How big is the opportunity?

The world is changing. Increasingly, people are choosing ethical products in supermarkets, both large and small companies are acting more responsibly, and investors are seeking to use their money to maximise financial returns without comprising their values.

Client value from client values

You already know that providing clients with value is essential to your business. Post FOFA, there has never been a better time to enhance your client value proposition.

Every adviser offers value by matching clients with appropriate investments based on their risk profile, but stopping there misses an opportunity to provide deeper value and develop a stronger connection with your client: By matching your client with investments that align with their values. 

Easier than you think

Introducing ethical investment into your offering doesn’t require a restructure of your business. In fact, we make it very simple by providing all the tools and assistance you need to get started.


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