Since 2018, we have been building out our strategic giving profile to ensure we’re having the greatest impact. Subsequently, we’ve focussed our strategic funding to address the biggest issue of our time: climate change. We address this through our core three pillars – People, Planet and Animals.

Utilising leading research, most notably from Project Drawdown1, we’re funding the most effective solutions to climate change by supporting leading charitable organisations that are aligned with each pillar.

Outlined below are some examples of the organisations and projects we're supporting. 

Human Rights Watch

We’re working with Human Rights Watch, a leading global human rights advocacy group, to investigate, report on and ultimately improve the rights of women in India. We’ll be profiling more of our work with Human Rights Watch in 2020. 


Karrkad Kanjdji Trust

We’re working with Mimal Land Management Aboriginal Corporation and the Karrkad Kanjdji Trust to support Indigenous women rangers in Arnhem Land. Ranger groups work in one of the most culturally rich and biodiverse regions of Australia, West and Central Arnhem Land. Rangers work on a myriad of things including species recovery projects, local education on country, cultural heritage management, fire management and abatement and carbon sequestration. 

Within our core pillar of People, we’re focusing on Educating and empowering women. 

To find out why, read our Theory of Change

The Wilderness Society

We’re supporting The Wilderness Society to train and work with Victorian and Tasmanian communities to protect temperate forests under threat of deforestation.

Utilising local training programs, communities and individuals are able to campaign for the safe protection of Australia's old growth and temperate forests and be better equipped to drive change. 

Within our core pillar of Planet, we’re focusing on protecting temperate and tropical forests. 

To find out why, read our Theory of Change. 

Food Frontier

We’re funding the work of Food Frontier, Australia and New Zealand’s think tank and industry accelerator for plant-based meat alternatives and cell-based meat alternatives, to increase the shift to plant based foods.

Through research, advocacy and consulting, Food Frontier drives science-based solutions to address the demand for sustainable and healthier proteins. Food Frontier believes food innovation is critical to feeding the growing global population in the coming decades and are working to create a more diversified, efficient and future-proof food supply.

Within our core pillar of Animals, we’re focusing on shifting to a plant-based protein supply, to reduce the need for factory farmed animal proteins. 

To find out why, read our Theory of Change. 


In 2019, we’re working with YGAP to fund their YHER program. YGAP’s accelerator program supports early-stage impact enterprises led by local entrepreneurs who best understand the problems in their communities to develop effective and innovative solutions.

YHER, YGAP’s female-focussed accelerator program, now operates regionally in Africa, South Asia and the Pacific and provides an effective solution to the lack of support for female entrepreneurs in these emerging markets.

The YHER program has a proven curriculum to help women refine and scale their business. YGAP ensure that YHER provides the psychological safety and support to develop the strategies, confidence and business acumen they need to grow their ventures.

The program finds the best early-stage female-led social businesses, accelerates them through a proven week-long training program designed for women, by women, and supports them for 6 months post-program with mentorship, small grants, and financial services. 

1 Project Drawdown: