A healthy planet

We believe that without a healthy planet free from climate catastrophe, addressing other issues becomes increasingly difficult. As such, the core focus of The Foundation’s work is to address climate change as effectively as possible through our pillars: People, Planet and Animals. 

Paul Hawken’s ‘Project Drawdown’ provides an accumulation of leading global research that highlights the most effective solutions to address climate change. By using this information, along with other research, The Foundation is able to specifically target initiatives across People, Planet and Animals that all directly and practically address climate change. 

Funding for these initiatives will be targeted at both systemic and advocacy efforts, as well as grass roots projects. The specific focus areas informed by ‘Project Drawdown’ - refined to align to Australian Ethical’s core pillars - are outlined below. 


Educating and Empowering Women and Girls

Our funding focuses on women and girls education, family planning, maternal health, wellbeing and women’s employment empowerment. As a sector1, women and girls are the most important and effective solution to addressing climate change.


Protection of Green and Blue Carbon stores

Green carbon (temperate and tropical forests) and blue carbon (seagrass meadows, tidal marshes, mangrove forests) are pivotal to both storing carbon and preserving habitat for diverse ecosystems2,3. Combined together, they present one of the most effective solutions to climate change.


Plant-Rich Diet and Conservation

A plant-rich diet has been assessed to be the 4th most effective demand-side solution to address climate change 4,5. A shift away from animal-based proteins produced in factory farming we believe will provide the largest reduction in animal suffering possible.