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Investment excellence


Who said you had to choose?

Making a positive impact and making money - who said you had to choose between the two? Some other funds have just one ethical option. Our ethical investment approach is applied to our entire $5 billion portfolio to generate long-term value for our customers.

Investment philosophy

We believe by investing in assets that have a positive impact on the world around us, and avoiding investments with negative impacts, we can have a positive influence on the planet and all its inhabitants. We believe that the power of money can be harnessed to deliver both competitive returns and positive change for people, planet and animals.


Our in-house investment team has over 100 years combined experience and have proven that a strong ethical approach to investing does not detract from performance. Here are some of our recent accolades.



Financial Standard Leadership Awards

Australian Ethical Australian Shares Fund - Winner ESG Australian Equities 2021



Money Management Fund Manager of the Year 2021

Australian Ethical Australian Shares Fund - Winner Responsible Investments



Money Magazine Best of the Best 2021

Best ESG Trailblazer

FYResults_Award-SR-120x120-min-1629798968030.png SR_infinityaward_115x115-1574133369608.jpg


2020 SuperRatings Inifinity Award for best sustainable super fund++
FYResults_Award-SR-MySuper-120x120-min-1629798968488.png FYResults_Award-SR-MyChoice-120x120-min-1629798968347.png FYResults_Award-SR-Pension-120x120-min-1629798968630.png


SuperRatings GOLD

For MySuper, MyChoice and Pension

FYResults_Award-SR-120x120-min-1629798968030.png FYResults_Award-SR-2015-2020-120x120-min-1629798968202.png


SuperRatings Best performing SR50

Australian Shares option first over 5 years 2015-2020

++SuperRatings does not issue, sell, guarantee or underwrite this product. See the website for details of its ratings criteria. SuperRatings performance figure is net of percentage based administration and investment fees.

Our team

Our team of investment professionals generate long-term value for our customers across a range of asset classes.