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Do you really know the power of your money?

Why #openyoureyes?

"Opening your eyes to where your money is being invested and making a change could be the fastest and most impactful thing every Australian can do right now, to help the climate crisis."

John McMurdo, CEO of Australian Ethical



Every small change counts. By investing your money in the good, you better the world for future generations.



You can be part of the catalyst. The popularity of ethical investing is soaring, causing a significant shift in the investment industry.


Divesting from destructive companies can pave the way towards lowering carbon emissions, helping to fight climate change & achieve net zero.

Join the collective of individuals who've opened their eyes.


Take action now.

Share your vision with the world.

Create your own Eye-D

Create your own Eye-D

You can personalise your own Eye-D using our interactive builder and share your vision with others.

Share an Eye-D

Share an Eye-D

No time to create an Eye-D? No problem! Select one from our pre-made collection to share with your social networks.

Share the message

Share the message

Video is a great way to get a message across easily. We’ve created a short clip that you can share to start the conversation on #openyoureyes.


Will you add your name?

We know many, many Australians from all walks of life want real, immediate action to halt climate change. During COP26, we’ll be taking over the front page of one of the most significant newspapers in the UK — and we want your name to be on it.


#openyoureyes collective

See what opened others' eyes.

“The world is currently not on track to limit global warming to 1.5 degrees. We need to work towards unleashing the trillions in private and public sector finance required to secure global net zero."

COP26, UN Climate Change Conference

Why stop there?

Other ways you can change the world.

Switch your bank

Switch your bank

It's not fun to realise your bank is lending billions to projects that are accelerating the climate crisis. People with the conviction to remove their funds from these banks have the collective power to force the industry to rethink its actions.

Move your energy

Move your energy

One quick and simple way to offset your emissions is to use renewable energy. Even if you can’t install solar panels, you can switch to an energy provider that uses renewable energy and offsets your carbon footprint.

Start a conversation

Start a conversation

The easiest way to make a positive impact is to get the conversation on climate change started with those around you. It’s important to raise awareness to an issue that affects each and every one of us.