Australian Ethical and Moral Fairground launch Ethical Enterprise Awards

Inspirational Australian businesses and organisations encouraged to celebrate their positive impact with the Ethical Enterprise Award 2013

Today, 2 July, marks the launch of the inaugural Ethical Enterprise Award.

The Ethical Enterprise Award 2013 recognises and celebrates the achievements of Australia’s most inspirational enterprise – be it a for profit or not for profit entity, regardless of size, which has had a positive social or environmental and economic impact through its innovative ethical practices.

An initiative of Moral Fairground, the Victorian-based social enterprise and Australian Ethical Investment, the Ethical Enterprise Award raises awareness of the importance of socially and environmentally conscious leadership and ethically orientated activities, by celebrating the positive impacts and benefits to society and the planet.

“This Award, the first of its kind in Australia, celebrates the importance of informed ethical leadership, conscious business and innovation,” explains Ms Susanna Bevilacqua, Director of Moral Fairground.

“It demonstrates how organisations that seek a fair, just and sustainable offering can also provide great financial returns too.”

All organisations and businesses in Australia, large or small, non-profit, or for profit with purpose, that are committed to increasing wellbeing and can demonstrate the delivery of positive societal, environmental and economic benefits as a direct result of their actions are encouraged to apply for the Award.

According to Paul Smith, General Manager of Strategy and Communication, Australian Ethical, “There are many truly inspirational enterprises in Australia today that are actively contributing positively to society and the environment.  We want to hear from them!”

“The Ethical Enterprise Award provides the opportunity for these organisations to be recognised and demonstrate that it is possible to provide both a financial as well as an ethical return.”

The winner of the Ethical Enterprise Award 2013 will gain national recognition throughout the business, non-profit and social enterprise sector for their contribution to society, and their unique vision and leadership.  Additionally, the Award recipient will have access to an array of networking, media and promotional opportunities, advertising and business development packages.

“We hope to inspire other organisations and businesses in this rapidly growing segment and that the Award will set new benchmarks for future ethical enterprises,” concluded Ms  Bevilacqua.

Nominees will be asked to submit an account of their organisation and its achievements – outlining projects undertaken, the positive social and economic impact achieved and innovations embraced that position it as an ethical enterprise.

The judging panel comprising representatives from Moral Fairground, Australian Ethical and Eco Directory, will review the entries in search of the country’s most ethical organisation.  The finalists will be shortlisted during October with the award recipient being announced at Fair@Square in Melbourne on 29 November 2013.

Entry is open from 1 July and will close at midnight on the 30 September 2013.  To enter visit

About Moral Fairground

Moral Fairground is a Melbourne-based social enterprise and organiser of the annual Fair@Square, Australia’s largest ethical and fair-trade festival. Having been operating with the ethical sector since 2009, Moral Fairground’s aim is to create positive social impact by increasing economic opportunities and fairness within society – achievements met by creating avenues for enterprises to become more effective in delivering their social mission.

About Australian Ethical

Australian Ethical is a superannuation and investment fund manager committed to investing funds in a way that aims to provide financial security for the investor and positive, sustainable impact for society and the environment.

For further information please contact:

Bridget Jackson on 0411 160 293

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