Cash Fund

Minimum Investment Amount

Retail investors

$1,000, or $500 if you start a regular investment plan of at least $100 per month.

Wholesale investors

$25,000 within the Cash Fund.

Investors that the Fund may suit

Investors seeking an income through a diversified portfolio of interest-bearing investments generating income.

Investment objective

To generate an income stream consistent with prevailing short-term interest rates while minimising the risk of capital loss and supporting the Australian Ethical Charter.


The opportunity to invest in a diversified portfolio of interest-bearing investments generating income. The Fund is invested in shortdated deposits, high grade mortgage-backed securities, State and Commonwealth Government bonds, and bank and other corporate bonds. As such, the returns of the Fundt tend to move in line with the general level of interest rates.

Risk Level


Low – The risk level of Low for the Cash Fund equates to the likelihood of 0.8 negative annual returns over a 20 year period using the standard risk measure.

Recommended minimum investment timeframe

1 year

Mix of asset classes and strategic asset allocation*

Asset class Interest-bearing securities Secured loans Cash
Ranges 40 – 100% 0 – 50% 0 – 10%

* These are indicative asset allocation ranges for the Fund. If market movements, investments into or withdrawals from the Fund or changes in the nature of an investment, cause the Fund to move outside these indicative ranges, this will be addressed by us as soon as reasonably practicable.

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