Advocacy Fund

Invest for change through advocacy

The Advocacy Fund is a unique and innovative fund, that is predominantly made up of the same companies in our ethically-screened Diversified Shares Fund, but it also has provision to buy shares in companies that don’t pass our ethical charter for the purposes of advocacy.

The Advocacy Fund in detail

Minimum Investment Amount

Retail investors

$1,000, or $500 if you start a regular investment plan of at least $100 per month.

Direct wholesale investors


Investors that the fund may suit

Investors seeking capital growth through an exposure to shares in Australian and international companies. The Fund is suited to investors with a longer investment timeframe and a higher risk tolerance.

Investment objective

To provide long-term growth through investment in listed companies on Australian and international stock exchanges that meet the Australian Ethical Charter. A small number of shares may be purchased from time to time to allow advocacy activities to progress. These additional shares will not materially affect the Fund’s investment returns.


The opportunity to invest in a diversified share portfolio of Australian and international companies on the basis of their social, environmental and financial credentials. Generally, all Australian investments will have a market capitalisation greater than the 200th ranked stock listed on the ASX. The Fund has a low level of turnover and aims to be fully invested at all times. As an advocacy fund, one of the main purposes of the Fund is to engage directly with companies to pursue improved corporate behaviours in line with the Australian Ethical Charter.

Risk Level


High – The risk level of High for the Advocacy Fund equates to the likelihood of 4.4 negative annual returns over a 20 year period using the standard risk measure.

Recommended minimum investment timeframe

7 years

Mix of asset classes and strategic asset allocation*

Asset class Australian shares International shares
Ranges 60 – 80% 20 – 30%
Asset class Cash
Ranges 0 – 10%

* These are indicative asset allocation ranges for the Fund. If market movements, investments into or withdrawals from the Fund or changes in the nature of an investment, cause the Fund to move outside these indicative ranges, this will be addressed by us as soon as reasonably practicable

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