Green investments that benefit the planet

At Australian Ethical we invest in companies that support a more sustainable future, such as energy efficiency, recycling facilities, sustainable manufacturers, public transport, and renewable energy companies (including solar, geothermal, tidal, wind, and hydro).

These companies are already working hard to create a better future for us all, by actively taking steps to care for the environment and reduce our environmental impact.

There are so many reasons to invest in green

We’ll help you put your money to good use, through investments that help our planet and build a sustainable future for us all.

Build a clean energy future

We invest in (and support) solar, geothermal, hydro and wind powered energy companies

Enjoy competitive returns

Ethical funds have outperformed non-ethical funds over 10 years.

Source: Responsible Investment Association Australasia, 2018 Responsible Investment Benchmark Report

Promote human rights

We don’t invest in any companies involved in poor treatment of asylum seekers, or companies that exploit workers

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Our Ethical Charter: unchanged since 1986

The Australian Ethical Charter is a series of statements that guide both the positive side
(investments we seek out) and the negative side (investments we avoid) of our ethical approach.

We seek out positive investments that support:


We avoid investments that harm:


Fastest growing super fund in Australia

Consumer demand for ethical investments continues to grow. KPMG found that Australian Ethical is the fastest growing super fund by members over the last 5 years to 2017.


Source: KPMG Super Insights Report 2018.

In action: Tomra Vending Machines

“We like your recycling machines, but not tobacco.”

Australian Ethical has a zero tolerance stance on tobacco manufacturing. There is nothing positive about it.

So when a successful company we’ve aligned with for a while, Tomra (they make reverse-vending recycling machines) acquired a company that makes tobacco sorting machines, we made a fuss.

We engaged with their senior management and other shareholders, and put forward a resolution to ensure that, moving forward, Tomra were aligned with our ethical values and shared our commitment to creating a greener, more sustainable future for everyone

Unfortunately, the resolution was rejected, this decision led us to reviewing our arrangements with Tomra because we felt they did not share in our values. As a result we divested and took our clients monies to companies delivering a greener future.

What our members are saying...

"When given the option, the choice was easy. My money shouldn't be contributing to things that I wouldn't want to contribute to personally."

Justin Egan - Electrical Fitter

"Choosing Australian Ethical was an easy decision for me. My super is invested according to my conscience, and they provide a wonderful service that is consistently responsive and transparent."

Shruti Dahal - Facilitator, Career Coach

"I’ve always held my superannuation with Australian Ethical. I love that my own financial future is invested in a clean, clever and humane tomorrow. It’s an easy way of being green, and the returns aren’t bad either!"

Ingrid Neilson - Communicator, Environmentalist

“l have been waiting for this opportunity. For me, it is not just the money l place in the hands of those who care about the planet. It is a vote against those who make money from misery and destruction. I may be a humble crane driver but this is our world and we need compassion not misery.”

Richard Mann - former Greenpeace employee (1989)