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What your money is doing

It’s important to know what your money is doing – not just who you’ve invested in, but how you’re building a better future. That’s why we met with some organisations we’ve invested in to show how your money could be doing good for the world.

University of Technology Sydney (UTS)

We know the next generation of leaders will take purpose-driven businesses to the next level.

See UTS’s vision for a sustainable future and how they are influencing change today.


Climate change is real and growing forces of thoughtful businesses are making the move to build a cleaner future.

Meet Infigen, a company that transforms wind to power.


Our approach

Our ethical charter has been in place since 1986 guiding the way we make investments.

ethical charter

We invest in companies to have a positive impact on planet, people and animals.

Companies we invest in

We agitate for change and that means taking a stance.

Our positions

Our impact

The European 2° Investing Initiative (‘2ii’) analysed our investment in power generation to assess whether it is aligned

Source: 2ii, based on global data and IEA.

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