2018 Community Grant Winners

As a business, we’re driven by a bigger purpose than just making a profit, we believe it’s important to play a leadership role in making the world a better place. That’s why each year we give away 10% of our yearly after-tax profits* to charitable organisations and social impact initiatives through the Australian Ethical Foundation.

Congratulations to the following charities who were selected as 2018 winners across our three core categories: People, Planet and Animals.

Thank you to all those organisations and voters who participated in the process.


Darling Range Wildlife Centre

This project aims to give Australian native waterbirds in need the most suitable environment for their recovery. When fully recovered, Darling Ranges’ volunteer workforce will make every effort to help wildlife find their way home.

Wildlife Asia

The Sumatran rhino is now one of the most critically endangered mammals on earth. With recent population estimates as low as 75 individuals and an ever present threat from poaching and habitat destruction there has never been greater urgency to increase protection and facilitate population growth. Wildlife Asia provides tools and resources to support rangers on the ground who directly protect rhinos from poaching. They also engage with local communities who are the long-term guardians of their forests and gatekeepers of its biodiversity. This strategy is proving successful and real hope for Sumatran rhinos lies in the Leuser Ecosystem.

Karrkad Kanjdji Trust

Karrkad Kanjdji Trust (KKT) will work with the Warddeken Daluk rangers to protect, restore and enhance the natural environment of West and Central Arnhem Land which makes up some of Australia’s most biodiverse and culturally rich country. Alarmingly though there has been up to a 90% decline in abundance of small mammals. The Species Recovery Project, a partnership between Warddeken Land Management and KKT, is blending traditional knowledge and western science to conduct one of the most ambitious projects of its kind in order to curb the decline and protect threatened species.

Where Pigs Fly Farm Sanctuary

Where Pigs Fly Farm Sanctuary provides care to farmed animals rescued from cruelty, neglect and abuse. Through education and advocacy, they also work to change the way society views and treats farmed animals inspiring a compassionate world for all animals.

By building a big, dry barn to store all hay bales, fruit and vegetables grown on the farm, the sanctuary will substantially decrease ongoing monthly feed expenses and take them one step closer to transitioning to a fully self-sustainable model.

Orangutan Foundation International

Orangutan Foundation International Australia (OFI Australia) has purchased thousands of acres of forest in Borneo, creating a large protected orangutan sanctuary known as The Orangutan Legacy Forest. Tragically, in 2015, almost one third of The Orangutan Legacy Forest burned to the ground during the horrific fire season. OFI Australia need to grow and plant 2.5 million trees to reforest the area to secure a future home for the 330 orphaned and displaced orangutans in their care.

Nature Conservation Council of NSW

Australian’s love nature yet with so much beauty around us – our beaches, mountains and forests – it can be a challenge to convey the truth that our fragile natural world is under serious threat. This project will create powerful stories of ordinary people doing extraordinary things to stand up for nature to inspire others to join them.

The project will generate beautiful imagery of places at risk from logging and land clearing as well as compelling stories of how NCCNSW have won big things in the past and can do so again. These stories will inspire people to act to protect our wildlife and special wild places.


One Girl

One Girl’s program LaunchPad equips female leaders in Sierra Leone with sanitary pads and skills to start a micro-enterprise. They go on to educate young women to become champions for sexual and reproductive health in their communities. These champions provide access to affordable, hygienic and waste-free sanitary products, which are sold to generate an income that is then invested right back into improving education for all children.

This project will mean that something as simple as getting your period will no longer prevent girls from succeeding in school. Together, we can empower women and their communities through education.


Dismantle supports disengaged young people (aged 13-17) through a 10-week outreach program (BikeRescue) that uses bicycle mechanics mentoring to help young people develop social skills and build confidence, and inspire them back into employment and education pathways.

With Australian Ethical support, Dismantle can bring BikeRescue’s life changing mentoring and support to 40 young people a year in Roebourne, WA, and up to 100 young people following roll-out to a total of 9 Pilbara communities.

The Bread and Butter Project

The Bread and Butter Project is an artisan bakery that helps refugees and asylum seekers learn the craft of baking and find jobs in the Australian hospitality industry. Their program provides full-time, paid traineeships including baking skills, work experience, TAFE accreditation, ESL tutoring and career counselling. A community grant from Australian Ethical will provide 800 hours of training and help set vulnerable refugees on a path to sustainable employment and a bright future in Australia.

Mirima Dawang Woorlab-Gerring

Miriwoong is the critically endangered language of the East Kimberley, in northwest Australia. The Miriwoong Language Nest is the program that teaches the language to more than 400 children each week through songs, games and simple talk activities. This program is connecting Indigenous and non-Indigenous children to the irreplaceable Miriwoong language and culture, improving outcomes across all areas of schooling and wider wellbeing. The aim is to expand this program to positively impact even more Kimberley kids!

Refugee Casework and Advice Service

RACS will work with vulnerable children born in Australia to stateless refugee parents. These children will always be stateless unless they receive Australian citizenship, which RACS will work to achieve. Citizenship is fundamental to human safety and will provide children with an identity, a sense of belonging to a community and a safe future. This grant will help give them the dignity and security they need so they can contribute to Australian society and call Australia their home.

Earbus Foundation

Love Mercy Foundation

Love Mercy is on a mission to empower women in Uganda to defeat poverty for their community and their country. Cents for Seeds is a microloan agriculture program tackling gender inequality and food insecurity. It helps women realise their full potential as farmers and as business women by providing access to education, tools, seeds and training to ensure that Ugandan women are fully equipped to feed not only their family, but potentially all of Uganda.


Seaside Scavenge

Seaside Scavenge is a waterway clean-up and clothes swap event where the litter collected becomes the currency to purchase quality pre-loved clothes, books and other goods that have been donated by the local community. The Scavenge promotes an awareness of the damage caused by single-use plastics, their impact on our marine environment and also focuses attention on the damaging impact of the fast-fashion industry. Local musicians, active green groups and a variety of community members attend each event.

Pollinate Energy

Pollinate Energy will train 20 women entrepreneurs from remote villages in Nepal to serve their communities with a range of life-improving products while earning income and respect. The products that they sell – like solar lanterns, water filters and sanitary pads – save money, are environmentally friendly, and improve the health and productivity of families living in poverty.

Environs Kimberley

The Kimberley is one of the world’s last great natural places. This project will provide information for the community to make an informed decision on whether gasfields with over 40,000 gas fracking wells are too risky for the regions sensitive ecosystems. The information can be used by the community to let key decision makers know what kind of a future people see as best for the Kimberley.

Australian Conservation Foundation

This project will support the work to help change national environmental laws to protect natural areas of critical importance in Australia.

Because Australia’s environment laws are weak, our native animals are at risk of extinction. But they’re part of the fragile web of life – break that web and everything unravels.

It’s time to stand against extinction and demand strong new laws to protect our living world.


WOTCH’s ‘Project Spotlight’ is an ambitious endeavour that will protect wildlife in critically endangered forests surrounding Victoria’s Mt Baw Baw. WOTCH’s citizen science surveyors use thermal camera technology and spotlights to detect rare nocturnal animals like the spot-tailed quoll, Leadbeater’s possum and greater glider in order to have their habitat protected. In this way, the project will shine a spotlight on the issue of native forest logging in Victoria.


3000acres will build large-scale composting and worm farming systems at community gardens, allowing locals to bring their food scraps for sustainable disposal. Collectively this project will divert 9000 kgs of food from landfill per year (from 750 households) and produce 630 kg of compost for communities gardens to grow more and reduce food mileage.

Together we can reduce waste, fight climate change and help community gardens produce delicious, local food!

Rainforest Rescue

Rainforest Rescue’s project will restore rainforest on a degraded site in the Daintree region of far north Queensland. The work they do creates landscape connectivity and habitat for flora and fauna species, including the Endangered Southern Cassowary. Rainforest Rescue protect and build biodiversity outcomes by harnessing community participation and celebrating the opportunity to improve the environment for all species, for all time.