08 December 2016
2 min read

Why you don’t have to compromise ethics this holiday season and some purposeful gift ideas.

It is tradition at Australian Ethical to talk about how we can make celebrations become more meaningful. Every year, we try to reinvent the word thoughtful behind Christmas presents. With conscious consumerism entering the mainstream, many of us are looking for how we can celebrate and do good together. Here are our top 3 tips.

1. Grab gifts from B Corps

B Corps are organisations that work to be a force of good in the world. These companies focus on sustainable supply chains, minimising their environmental impact and reducing waste, among other things. When buying from them, you can be confident that your gifts go the extra mile.

Some B Corps are well known like Patagonia (who  donated all Black Friday profits to conservation efforts – amazing), Ben & Jerry’s and Etsy, others are small Australian companies that offer boutique products like Tom OrganicKooks & Co., and Moonbird Designs.

So when you’re shopping look for the B Corp mark, or source directly from the B Corp community.

2. Give love to causes you care about

If you’re having trouble finding the perfect gift for loved ones, give them impact instead. There are several organisations doing great work that need support every day. Use your holiday spending to help support them.

Taronga Conservation Society Australia

Since 1984, Taronga’s Wildlife Hospital has treated over 350 marine turtles, many with plastic related illness. Donate, or better, adopt an animal this season. Here’s Catherine, one of the sea turtles that we’ve helped support to enter the wild after an accident with a fishing hook left her with 3 fins.

Green Connect

Green Connect trains and employs former refugees and at risk youth to grow and distribute local, seasonal and chemical-free food. Based on Wollongong, NSW they’ve won a community grant from us for the past 2 years. We’ve also donated over 20 hours of staff time to them. Instead of buying another food hamper, you can use their products, volunteer your time or donate this season. Here are some potatoes we helped harvest last year.

RSPCA Brisbane

This campus is one of the most significant animal welfare facilities in the southern hemisphere. Impressive. They’re are in the process of moving to 100% renewable energy, one of the first facilities of it’s kind to do so. The centre will not just offset its power costs, but also collect rain and install solar panels on the facilities roof. If you’re buying for an animal lover, sign them up to become an RSPCA member, donate a single gift or sponsor a ‘second chance’ animal.


3. Host a sustainable party

Parties are a great opportunity to support a sustainable food system. We bring you recipes from first-class Australian chefs in our ethical recipe guide. There are also various B Corp certified food companies who you can buy from or order a organic vegetable box from local farmers. When hosting, use it as a chance to give back to the planet as well as your loved ones.