29 April 2013
1 min read

We're proud to announce the launch of our Community Grants program which will see over $100,000 made available to Australian not-for-profit organisations and community projects.

Applications open for three months from April 2013 and Australian Ethical invites all charitable and benevolent organisations with current projects requiring funding to apply.

Application can be made online https://www.australianethical.com.au/community

The last few years have seen almost 1,000 applications and this year Australian Ethical hopes to set a new record for applications.

We’ve been working with the not-for-profit sector for over a decade and we know that for many organisations obtaining funds is more challenging than it has ever been.

The Community Grants program is a great opportunity for organisations working at the forefront of sustainability, and social justice sector.

Australian Ethical donates 10% of its annual profit every year through the grants program which is one of the highest percentage in corporate giving in Australia.

Since the inception of the program 12 years ago, over $1.3 million in funding has been provided to community organisations that are making a real difference.

Previous grant recipients include the Australian Afghan Hassanian Youth Association, Bikes for Humanity, The Cancer Support Group, Carpets for Communities , Communities@Work, Gunawirra, The Kokoda Track Foundation, Room to Read and the Royal Guide Dogs.  

Grants are awarded to organisations who are conducting activities that deliver impactful, tangible outcomes and are in-line with the Australian Ethical Charter.

We see the Community Grants program as an important complementary extension of our day-to-day business.

We invest in great listed organisations that are positively impacting society and the planet in the fields of technology, healthcare, education and energy and we proud to be able to extend that investment to visionary organisations that are working towards an ethical, sustainable future.