16 October 2011
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Australian Ethical donated more than $150,000 to 22 charities as part of its 2011 community grants scheme.

Major project grant recipients - $35,000 each


A family in Poipet, Cambodia prepares carpets for sale

Carpets for Communities helps families in Poipet, Cambodia out of poverty through the creation of a social enterprise – making carpets for sale commercially. This scheme offers an alternative source of income to Cambodian children working or begging in the local flea markets – activities that can lead to human trafficking, prostitution and other child exploitation.

Their $35,000 grant will be used to enable ten mothers to join the program. The funds will cover vocational, business and financial literacy training, as well as complementary education and development programs. The funding will assist them to get to a base level of income stability within their family.

By allowing the mothers to start producing carpets within a very short time frame, the scheme provides an immediate intervention solution to allow their children to return to school. Within 48 hours of a mother entering the program, their children can be off the streets and back in school.

Any profits generated in the sales of the goods will go back into bringing more families into the program.


Volunteers planting in the Morbinning wheatbelt, Western Australia

Men of the Trees have been working with Western Australian farmers since 1979 to implement large-scale revegetation projects in the wheatbelt. Since that time it has planted more than 11 million seedlings to prevent the spread of deserts, erosion and salinity.

Men of the Trees will use their $35,000 grant to fund revegetation of a highly degraded landscape in the wheatbelt of Morbinning, east of Perth. The project involves five neighbouring land managers who want to revegetate and protect a creek that runs through their properties. The funding is effectively $3.50 per seedling that covers one-on-one support to individual farmers, purchasing the seedlings, site preparation, transportation and development of a communication plan.

Men of the Trees is not only a tree planting organisation, but also delivers an environmental and socially responsible program. This involves field officers working with farmers and designing the best natural resource management outcomes, while fitting in with farming practice. Site preparation and back-up maintenance aids the success of revegetation.

Minor grant recipients - up to $5,000 each

ACT Eden Monaro Cancer Support Group

Funds will go towards giving cancer patients and their families assistance in cost of living expenses, putting healthy food on tables as well as fuel in their car so they are able to get to treatment or appointments on a daily basis.

Animal Rescue Queensland

Funds will go towards re-homing dogs who were victims of recent floods, including bringing them back to health through providing veterinary support and supplies.

Arthritis and Osteoporosis Association of Northern Territory

Funds will go towards prepaid satchels for library returns. Members with isolation or mobility issues can borrow and return catalogued library resources free of charge, thus minimising their feelings of isolation.

Australia Zoo Wildlife Warriors

Funds will go towards the free treatment of over 8500 injured or orphaned wildlife each year. Up to 30 different species are admitted to hospital each day.

Australian Afghan Hassanian Youth Association

Funds will go towards a swimming program for Afghan boys and girls, allowing them to participate in school swimming carnivals, connect them to their new homeland and break down social isolation.

Australian Platypus Conservancy

Funds will go towards the delivery of platypus conservation lessons to 20 schools (1000 students) leading to reduction in platypus deaths from illegal fishing, yabbying and litter entanglement in the Yarra River Catchment area.

Barefoot Economy

Funds will go towards steam distillation to convert aromatic plant stock into essential oils for sale internationally,  funding for an additional commercial crop and 500 additional jobs for local growers in Chitwan, Nepal.

Bikes for Humanity

Funds will go towards turning a shipping container into a workshop (with necessary equipment), providing skills training, employment and business opportunities to Namibian community. 400 bikes will then be sold at low cost, giving access to employment, education and health care.

Brighter Future 4 Kids Foundation

Funds will go towards providing free leather school shoes and socks to kids with no shoes or worn out shoes. This will ensure children can go to school without the stigma of having no shoes, increasing school attendance, reducing ill health and reducing school bullying.

Children’s Hospital Westmead

Funds will go towards classroom for patients, keeping kids up to date with school work, maintaining confidence and self esteem, reducing isolation and loneliness and promoting a sense of normalcy.

Cranbourne Police Senior Citizens Register

Funds will go towards the purchase of personal alarms, shower stools, toilet aids, walkers, frames and sticks to be distributed amongst 350 senior citizen clients. This will help them feel safe in their own homes and also encourage them to get out without fear of falling.

Dhimurru Aboriginal Corporation

Funds will go towards lessening the environmental impact of visitors in general recreation areas by installing a composting toilet at Banambarmga, reducing human waste pollution on sacred sites. Training and empowerment of Yolngu Rangers will also be provided to maintain the site.

Diamond Valley Foodshare

Funds will go towards the purchase of an insulated vehicle to transport donations of food from schools, businesses and various outlets - making up healthy and nutritious food parcels for needy people.

Environment Victoria

Funds will go towards 20 young migrant and refugee kids working together over 6 months to learn about local environments and sustainability. They will achieve a Certificate I in Active Volunteering, deliver community projects and be given employment pathways.

Free the Bears Foundation

Funds will go towards a western trained vet nurse to train local Cambodians in skills needed to maintain this facility – including x-ray, anaesthesia, endoscopy and ultrasound skills. Funds will also be used to supply a reference library of manuals, send two Cambodian vets to look at sanctuary in Vietnam and to build ties and share skills in bear care.

Kokoda Track Foundation

Funds will go towards volunteer labour which will distribute donated school furniture and hospital beds to needy villages in Papua New Guinea, improving quality of life for communities. The community grant will cover shipping costs of these bulky donated items.

Liverpool Plains Land Management

Funds will go towards planting trees to provide more food and shelter for koalas, linking corridors to existing areas away from cleared areas and mitigating twin threats of climate change and habitat loss.

Rainforest Rescue

Funds will go towards restoring vital cassowary habitat and assisting in the recovery of populations impacted by Cyclone Yasi. Birds are vital for seed dispersion of 230 rainforest plants and this will enable Cassowary food species to be planted in wildlife corridors.

Room to Read Australia Foundation

Funds will go towards providing support for Indian girls to complete 10 years of education. This will include school fees, uniforms, textbooks, supplies and transport. Educated women earn more, are healthier, and go on to educate their own children.

Royal Guide Dogs for the Blind Association

Funds will go towards the cost of raising and training guide dogs to provide long term assistance to the blind, increasing mobility, independence, safety and confidence.