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End of financial year

June 30 processing cut-off dates

End of financial year is a hectic time for advisers and their clients, so we want to streamline the process for you as best we can. We want you to feel confident that your business is ready for the new financial year.

To make sure your clients' super contributions are allocated to the correct financial year, all contributions need to be made by Friday 25th June 2021 to allow them to be processed by the last day of the financial year, Wednesday 30 June 2021.

Always meet the cut-off dates

To ensure enough time is available for our teams to process your clients' requests. We've provided a handy EOFY calendar as a quick reference guide for all upcoming deadlines.

Double check your paperwork 

All forms and documents need to be fully completed and signed by the correct signatories to reduce the risk of any delays in processing.

Submit as early as possible

Sometimes unexpected issues pop up, so if it's possible to submit earlier than the suggested cut-off dates, there will be a greater chance we can work with you to resolve any hiccups.

We're here to help

A large percentage of follow-ups and missed deadlines are caused by incomplete forms or not allowing enough time for our team to process your requests. If you're unsure of the requirements, please call us on 1800 021 227 8:30 am to 5:30pm Monday to Friday (AEST).

Cut-off times (AEST) and dates for Wednesday 30 June 2021 processing

EOFY task
Cut-off time (AEST)
Cut-off date
Additional information
Pension - changes to June 2021 payment 4pm 31 May 2021 Changes to the amount of the June pension payment needs to be received by Monday 31 May 2021.
Pension applications for June 2021 payment 4pm 31 May 2021 Applications for June pension payment need to be received by Monday 31 May 2021.
Pension applications for July 2021 payment 4pm 14 June 2021 Applications for July pension payment need to be received by Monday 14 June 2021.
Super applications for FY2021 4pm 21 June 2021 Applications for June super accounts need to be received by Monday 21 June 2021.
Deduction notices for personal contributions 4pm 23 June 2021 For personal contributions made in 2019/20 FY (for clients who haven’t yet lodged their 2019/20 tax returns).
Contribution - BPAY®  4pm 25 June 2021 Dependant on the cut-off times of the transferring bank, transfers processed after Friday 25 June 2021 may not be received until the next financial year. 

Note: Please keep in mind your clients' daily limit on BPAY payments.
Super withdrawal 4pm 23 June 2021 Withdrawal request must be received before Wednesday 23 June 2021
Cash withdrawals processed after this date may not be received until the next financial year.
During the first 5 business days in July we’ll be calculating your clients' 2020/21 pension. Clients won't be able to make changes to their pensions during this time.

Contributions information

Your client(s) may want to add funds to their Australian Ethical Super account leading up to Wednesday 30 June 2021.

Below are some tips and instructions for you to consider with your clients.

BPAY limits

If your client wants to make a large contribution, please keep in mind their bank’s daily limit on BPAY payments. Each bank has different limits and the contribution may need to be spread over a few days.

Knowing the contribution caps

It's important to be mindful of contribution limits when making contributions, as clients may incur significant tax penalties if they exceed the limits. For further information, please refer to the Australian Taxation Office website.

Re-contribution strategy

Allow enough time for withdrawal processing (if required) to meet the lodgement deadline. Remember that withdrawals must leave the super fund and be received by clients at least one day before the subsequent contribution can be returned to us and processed.

Claiming deductions for contributions

For personal contributions made in the 2019/20 financial year, the deadline for submitting deduction notices (for clients who haven’t yet lodged their 2019/20 tax returns) is 4pm Wednesday 23 June 2021. Valid deduction notices received after this cut-off time may only be processed and acknowledged in the new financial year.

Contribution requirements

Transaction type
What is required?
Sending funds to clients' accounts


No paperwork necessary

To process BPAY contributions before Wednesday 30 June 2021, we must receive them no later than 4pm Friday 25 June 2021. Any payments received after this time may only be processed in the new financial year. Some financial institutions can take more than two business days to process BPAY transactions.

Please consider this when making last minute contributions. All BPAY personal contributions will be processed as non-concessional contributions. If your client would like to claim a tax deduction for these contributions, they need to complete a deduction notice for personal contributions.

Clients can find their BPAY details including their Customer Reference Number (CRN) in their member portal by clicking on the circle icon next to their name > Personal details and scroll to the bottom. You can also call us on 1800 021 227 for BPAY details.

Please refer below for the details of our BPAY biller codes. 

Contribution type BPAY biller codes
Personal contribution 275701
Spouse contribution 275719