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About your organisation

Be sure to use your registered business name, because if a grant is awarded, payment will be made to the entity's ABN-registered name.

What is your organisation's main charitable purpose?
Select one Sustainable Development Goal that best represents your organisation's work

Best contact

Demonstrate your not-for-profit status

Is your organisation registered with the Australian Charities and Not-for-profit Commission (ACNC)?

This is not a compulsory requirement for an application.

Details of your project

Are you applying for immediate funding in relation to the COVID-19 pandemic?
Will the project you're applying for be delayed by COVID-19?

What barriers presented by COVID-19 are currently preventing the work from being conducted?

What will you do? Who will benefit? Where is it located?

Outline the evidence, research and/or circumstances that show why this project is important. Tell us about the specific issues this project is directly targeting and why this project is needed.

Tell us about where you have and/or will collaborate with other relevant stakeholders. How does your project fit in to the current ecosystem of other services operating? Was the project co-designed with beneficiaries themselves? What partnerships have you engaged to maximise the impact of your work?

Tell us about your experience, your staff and your systems that will make this project a success.

Outline all tangible outcomes that you expect to generate for the beneficiaries. (Eg. Divert ___ kilograms of waste from landfill, provide work opportunities for ___ people with disabilities). Ideally, the outcomes you include are those already being measured by your organisation to understand its impact.

What methods and systems do you have in place to collect the data, learn from it and communicate it (eg. staff involved, specific techniques used, technologies utilised etc.)?

Presenting your project

If you are successful in making it to the shortlist, we’ll use this on our website for voting. Please see the following link for examples from last year -

Funding and budget

What is the grant amount you are submitting an application for?

List out the main expenses incurred in running this project or body of work.

Only list any funding that is definitely confirmed, or has already been provided.

Will you utilise volunteering, donated goods etc.?

Organisational details

Is your organisation registered as a tax-deductible gift recipient (DGR)?

This is not a requirement for funding.

Does your organisation have operating revenue less than $1.5 million per annum?

If you are marginally over $1.5 million, please contact or call (02) 8276 6234 to discuss.

What is your organisation's annual revenue?
Please read through the modern slavery requirements outlined below

We have committed to best practice reporting under the new Modern Slavery Act 2018. Please refer to this link for more information on modern slavery -


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