What is ethical investing?

What is ethical investing?

When most people think of ethical investing, they most likely think of negative screening - what gets excluded. This is an important part of the story if you don’t want your money supporting industries like tobacco, uranium or coal mining, exploitation of people, or old growth forest logging.

Whilst we avoid all of the above (and more) what is more important, is what we actually invest your money in, and that is our positive screening. With Australian Ethical Super, your money is investing in the future, helping to build a new low-carbon economy, fund medical and technology breakthroughs, energy efficiency and more.

More about our ethical approach

We seek out positive investments that support: People Quality Sustainability

We avoid investments that cause unecessary harm to: People Animals Society Environment

We're a superannuation and investment fund manager with a difference

A superannuation and investment fund manager with a difference

Our promise to all our clients is that we will invest your money in a way that aims to provide financial security for you and positive, sustainable change for society and the environment.


Choosing good investments requires experience

Our flagship fund has outperformed for over 10 years.


10 year per annum returns, net of fees, to 31 July 2014.
Past performance is not necessarily an indicator of future performance.

Who we invest in

Who we invest in

We invest in companies that we expect to perform well financially, and do good for the world.

For example, we invest in the Australian company Cochlear, who have been improving the lives of hearing-impaired people through innovative technology for many years.

We invest in companies involved in renewable and clean energy, healthcare, efficient transport, biotechnology, recycling and waste management, and more.

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Cochlear has delivered three decades of hearing innovation to over 250,000 people worldwide