Recommended minimum investment timeframe: 
Asset mix: 
Investment risk: 
November 1998

Investment objective

  • To provide long-term growth through high levels of investment in growth asset classes with the remainder in defensive assets, including bonds.

Investors that the option may suit

  • Members who have a longer timeframe to accumulate retirement savings and who are comfortable with short-term market fluctuations.

Recommended minimum investment timeframe

  • 5+ years

Risk level

  • Medium to High*

*The risk level of Medium to High for the Growth option equates to the likelihood of 3.1 negative annual returns over a 20 year period using the standard risk measure.

Fees and costs

Type of fee or cost


Fees when your money moves in or out of the fund 
Establishment feeNil
Contribution feeNil
Withdrawal fee$53.10
Termination feeNil
Management costs - the fees and costs for managing your investment 
Annual member fee$97 pa
Administration fee1.43% pa
Investment management fee1.19% pa
APRA levy0.03% pa
Operational risk and administration reserves0.08% pa
Indirect costsNil
Service fees 
Investment switching feeNil
General information only

Interests in the Australian Ethical Retail Superannuation Fund (ABN 49 633 667 743, SFN 4794 449 82, Fund registration R1004731) are offered by Australian Ethical Investment Limited (ABN 47 003 188 930, AFSL 229949) and issued by the Trustee of the Fund, Australian Ethical Superannuation Pty Limited (ABN 43 079 259 733, RSEL L0001441) SPIN AET0100AU.

Please be aware that this website provides you with general information only and does not take account of your individual investment objectives, financial situation or needs. Before acting on it, consider its appropriateness to your circumstances. Our Super PDS and Financial Services Guide should be considered before making an investment decision.

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