Investor profile - Leyla Acaroglu, Eco Innovators

31 October 2011

Leyla AcarogluAustralian Ethical super investor Leyla Acaroglu talks about the work she is doing to encourage sustainability.

How do you get people interested in sustainable consumption? That’s exactly what I am trying to do through creative projects with Eco Innovators, my environmental consultancy and creative social innovation agency.

I am on a mission to engage people with the hidden environmental impacts of everyday things so that better design, production and consumption decisions can be made. In 2010 I launched The Secret Life of Things project which involves a short animation of a little mobile phone’s hidden life cycle (see animation below). The project also includes a free sustainability education curriculum and is being used around Australia as a way of exploring the environmental impacts of everyday things. The project was awarded a Melbourne Design Award in 2010 and I was a finalist in this year’s Melbourne Awards.

Keeping with my innovative approaches to engaging people around sustainability, I recently launched the Eco Innovators Mythbusting Sustainability iPod app. The multiple-choice style game challenges players to debunk myths about what really makes something green.

Aside from the social engagement projects, I provide businesses with strategic sustainability advice based on the best practice methodology of life cycle assessment.

Taking a scientific approach to understanding the environmental impacts of business activities allows for more effective and quantifiable improvements to be made. All too often people don’t embrace change because they think it will be difficult or cost more – but in most cases it can actually save you money!

I am a passionate proponent of social and environmental decisions being a core part of our everyday actions and I am dedicated to assisting people and business embrace this change.