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  • Petratherm - the wrong kind of drilling.

    Following a thorough assessment and review process, Australian Ethical has sold out of its investment in Petratherm after a shift in the business’s focus from renewable energy, to shale oil and gas.
  • Comparing the health impacts of wind and coal

    A lot has been written and said about the supposed harmful health impacts of wind turbines and the Australian Government, in their apparent move to slow the growth of renewable energy, have already committed to another review – many labeling it a witch-hunt.
  • Food Waste - A Growing Australian Problem

    While much of the global population goes to bed hungry, developed nations including Australia have developed a shameful and totally unnecessary problem of our own. Food waste. Globally, more than 870 million people are chronically undernourished yet 1.3 billion tonnes of perfectly edible food is wasted each year.
  • Fascinating Developments in Australian Biotech

    Investing in biotech supports our ethical philosophy as the emerging therapies we take an interest in are for the treatment of serious conditions with few medical options available. This means the sector lends itself to meeting multiple aspects of our Australian Ethical Charter, such as ‘activities which contribute to happiness, dignity and education’.
  • What your money is doing

    What your money is doing - Just some of the ways your money is being invested in innovative green technologies.