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  • 10 Tips for a More Environmentally Friendly Christmas

    At Christmas Australians buy more, travel more and eat more than at any other time of the year. We’ve put our heads together to provide you with some quick and easy solutions to reduce your carbon footprint over what is traditionally an incredibly wasteful time of year.
  • Think Green when it comes to Gifts this Christmas

    Despite spending an average of $475 each on presents, last year Gumtree, estimated that 14.3 million unwanted presents were received in Australia. That’s a lot of money being spent, energy used and waste created for absolutely no reason at all other than that we feel obliged to hand something over to our friends and family on Christmas day.
  • Australian Ethical launches first ethical fixed interest fund

    The Australian Ethical Fixed Interest Trust is a new single asset class fund that is now available to all investors. It is unique as the first ethically screened and managed fixed interest fund in Australia that invests in longer duration securities.
  • Western Desert wins Ethical Enterprise Award 2013

    We announced earlier this year that we were delighted to be partnering with Moral Fairground to launch the 2013 Ethical Enterprise Awards. We are now delighted to be able to announce this years winner - Western Desert.