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  • Why we don't invest in Coles or Woolworths

    Even something as seemingly innocuous as the Woolies around the corner can have a negative impact on the things you care about. But that doesn’t mean writing off all supermarkets says Australian Ethical’s head of ethics, Dr Stuart Palmer.
  • Is Tesla a smart investment?

    With the recent arrival of the first all-electric Tesla Model S car in Australia it’s a great time to ask whether Tesla (Nasdaq:TSLA) is a good investment. Sure it makes great vehicles but the run-away share price may have reached the end of the road says Nathan Lim, Australian Ethical portfolio manager, international equities.
  • Urban mining: The push for Australia to cash in on trash

    Forget about below-ground mining. There’s a growing push from economists and industry to map and make use of the resources found in ‘urban mines’ – such as those mobiles found in your kitchen drawer or old metal infrastructure.
  • 5 things your money is doing

    Ever wondered what your money is doing? Unlike most investment managers, we are 100% transparent about our investments. Check out five ways companies Australian Ethical invests in are shaking things up, from helping people sleep better to bringing solar lights and green building materials to communities around the world.