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Australian Ethical does not recommend any particular adviser. None of the individuals or firms on the financial advisers list is an agent or representative of Australian Ethical.


Mary Campbell - Gold Leaf Financial Services (Melbourne)

Mary provides strategic financial advice to help people achieve their goals and dreams, spend time on what is important to them and make the world a better place through Responsible Investment.  Mary is the Principal Financial Planner at Gold Leaf Financial Services and has 10 years experience working for a number of leading Australian Responsible Investment companies.  Mary holds a Bachelor of Commerce in Financial Planning and Accounting and she is a member of the Financial Planning Association and CPA Australia.  Mary has volunteered for a number of charities over the years and received a medal from the Motor Neurone Disease Association of NSW for her work establishing and coordinating the Central West NSW Support Group.  Mary enjoys financial planning because she is able to make a positive difference by helping people achieve their dreams and align their super and investments with their personal values.

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Andrew Pfumojena – Eland Wealth Advisory Services (Melbourne)

Andrew has over 7 years working experience as a wealth adviser and he specialises in wealth accumulation, retirement planning and the provision of appropriate wealth protection strategies. Andrew has a passion for investing and takes pride in helping his clients to grow their wealth, he will be your financial coach and encourage you to focus on your wealth objectives, may it be to retire comfortably, pay for your children's education or go on your next holiday.
He is very proud to offer ethical investments to his clients and strongly believes “competitive returns should not cost the Earth”.

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John Ross

John Ross - Ethos Financial Advisers (Kew)

Ethos Financial Advisers is focused on achieving a financial planning solution for clients that takes into account personal values. Simply put, ethical investing is about ensuring your investments match your beliefs as much as possible, it’s about ensuring your investments are in line with your value system; your “ethos”. Our principal adviser, John Ross is a specialist in Responsible Investments with the Responsible Investment Association of Australian and is also a Certified Financial Planner. We believe investing ethically can provide you with greater structure and control over your financial plans and lead to a superior investment outcome on a personal and societal level. 

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Mark LoweMark Lowe - Financial Services Partners (Melbourne)

Mark’s areas of interest and expertise include Centrelink and Estate Planning. “I started my working life as a computer programmer” says Mark. “I needed a change though and financial planning provided me with the opportunity to work in a more meaningful way to help people achieve their goals. Helping retirees make the most of their superannuation and Centrelink entitlements is important to me. I get a great deal of satisfaction from helping them understand and make the most of their options”.When Mark is not helping his clients, you might find him on the tennis court, reading a good book or pursing his interest in stamp collecting. 
Mark is a member of the FPA, RIAA & SPAA.

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Alex JamiesonAlex Jamieson - AJ Financial (Prahran)

AJ Financial Planning is proudly Australia's first financial planning firm to become a member of the 1% for the planet organisation. Director Alex Jamieson is passionate about creating a better tomorrow for his clients - not just financially. This Melbourne based firm is so concerned about sustainability and its impact on the environment that they have also achieved a carbon neutral accreditation. This care and sensitivity is also given to their clients with an engaging one-on-one approach and regular contact to build that personal relationship. With their own Australian Financial Services License, AJ Financial Planning is also unique in its ability to offer blend of investments to ensure the portfolios and strategies developed are robust and built on sound and thoughtful advice and in line with your ethical and sustainable values. 

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Anne-Marie Spagnolo

Anne-Marie Spagnolo - Ethical Investment Services (Kew)

Anne-Marie is a Certified Financial Planner and managing director of Ethical Investment Services, one of Australia’s largest and longest standing ethical investment advisory practices. She specialises in advising clients on financial planning strategies and investments with an ethical overlay. Anne-Marie is regularly invited to conduct seminars on the benefits of ethical investment and has participated in numerous television and radio interviews. She is also the author of The Ethical Investor, a handbook for ethical investors published by the Penguin Group.

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Michelle BrisbaneMichelle Brisbane - Ethical Investment Services (Kew)

Michelle is a Certified Financial Planner and managing partner of Ethical Investment Services. Having completed her CFP studies as well as a Diploma of Financial Planning, a Bachelor of Business and a Bachelor of Science Michelle has been giving financial advice with an ethical overlay since 1999. She is a member of the Financial Planning Association and the Responsible Investment Association Australasia. Prior to her involvement in financial planning, Michelle was a mathematics and science teacher. In her spare time she likes jazz guitar and regularly plays with other musicians. Having always been interested in environmental and social issues, her work at Ethical Investment Services allows her to combine personal philosophies with investment practice. 

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Stuart BarryStuart Barry - TasEthical (North Hobart)

Stuart Barry is the principal adviser at Tas Ethical, a Hobart based financial advisory firm. Uniquely for a financial adviser, Stuart has actual hands-on experience in the complexities of the global financial markets having worked for 27 years for organisations such as ING, Westpac and Queensland Treasury Corporation. In his last role he was in charge of ING’s investment operations for both South Korea and Japan. He enjoys using this unparalleled depth of knowledge and experience to enable his clients to profit from his expertise by using smart investment choices and enjoying the comfort of having a pro on their side.

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South Australia

Andrew GastonAndrew Gaston - Accord Financial Solutions (Eastwood)

Andrew is a Director of Accord Financial Solutions, a boutique independently owned financial planning firm in Adelaide. He believes financial planning involves the implementation of a lifetime strategy that matches your personal ethical and social beliefs. Andrew will work with you to implement your personal financial strategy based on your beliefs and ethical concerns. 

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Adam OrdelmanAdam Ordelman - Sustained Advice (Adelaide)

After 10 years as a Regional Sales Manager (working with financial planners) for several large financial institutions, Adam decided the time was right to deliver a more accountable style of financial advice. Having bought a large financial advice/stockbroking practice in 2008 he has spent the last 3 years building a business based on both sustainable practices and ethical (responsible) financial advice. Adam’s approach focuses on collegiate style advice where education and consultation with clients are the cornerstones of the successful relationship.

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Alex ButlerAlex Butler - Prescott Securities (Eastwood)

Alex is a passionate communicator, working closely with clients on their journey towards personal and financial goals. He is well skilled in developing and implementing complex strategies, but at the same time, can explain them in a language that is easy to understand. Alex is a great believer in the principle of being an adviser for the whole family - ensuring that all considerations are taken into account in the beginning when developing a strategy. In the end, Alex is committed to being there for his clients, no matter what the circumstances. He believes that’s the benefit of having a good adviser.

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Paul Garner - Novo Wealth (Kent Town)

Novo Wealth founder Paul Garner is a Certified Financial Planner® Professional with high level experience from his time at a ‘big 4’ Australian bank and boutique planning practice. Wanting to move beyond this [corporate] environment and offer clients more, he started Novo to deliver genuinely tailored wealth advisory services, with a focus on responsible investing. Paul is also a ‘real person’ – a husband, dad, musician, footy-lover – who realised ethical investment needed greater recognition – and to be seen as more than an afterthought or token gesture in 21st century financial planning, given the world his [and everyone else’s] kids were growing up in.

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Western Australia

James Baird - JustInvest Financial Planning (Perth and Dunsborough)

James and his wife Julianna own JustInvest Financial Planning - a family business specialising in ethical investment, originally established in 1967. James has been in the Financial Planning industry since 2000 and has worked for Asgard, Professional Investment Services and CoreRatings, a UK based Ethical Ratings agency, where he developed his passion for responsible investing. James’ motto is ‘strategy, structure…and performance’ - if you get the first two right, the third will follow!

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 Paul Elkington - D J Carmichael (Rockingham)

Prior to entering the financial industry in January 2008 I worked for Centrelink for 20 years, the last 7 of those years being in the Financial Information Service position which involved providing financial education on behalf of the Government. When I left Centrelink I came in to the industry wanting to educate and add value to new clients around the management of their financial affairs. As a financial adviser I concentrate on the ethical advice for those that want to plan for their future whilst having a conviction to understand where their money is actually being invested. I tend to concentrate working with pre and post retiree’s and am accredited in the SMSF space.

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New South Wales

Trevor ThomasTrevor Thomas - Ethinvest (Sydney)

Trevor is the Managing Director of Ethinvest, Australia’s first financial practice with an ethical investment focus. His advisory team includes Andrew McKenzie, Matt Hicks and Kara Peachey. Prior to joining the company in 1997 he worked in the NGO sector. He maintains his interest in advocacy and social change, serving on the boards of a number of charities and foundations, including the Difference Incubator, a development hub for Social Enterprise in Melbourne.

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Richard Sheargold - Stonebridge Capital (Sydney)

Richard’s experience includes developing a sustainable, ethical animal husbandry, no chemical agriculture fund and an environmental carbon capture investment business model for large Indigenous owned land banks. He is the Principal and owner of Stonebridge Capital; a boutique and autonomously owned financial services licence, providing bespoke and fee-for-service investment and insurance advice. Richard holds a Bachelor of Finance and is a Certified Practising Accountant. He also holds a Diploma of Financial Planning. With these qualifications and Richard's ideological approach and experience he is well qualified to help clients grow their wealth whilst being cognisant of the impact on our environment, animal cruelty and exploitation of workers globally.

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Chris Hogan - HLB Mann Judd (Sydney)

Chris joined the team at HLB Mann Judd Sydney in 2002. He has a passion for investment portfolio construction and direct shares. Chris has extensive experience in financial structuring and superannuation. Prior to HLB Mann Judd, Chris worked for a smaller Chartered firm where he specialised in small business accounting and personal taxation. Chris’s experience covers consulting to a broad spectrum of individuals in relation to their wealth management and retirement planning objectives. On a personal level, Chris is married with 2 children. In his spare time he particularly enjoys running and golf.

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Karen McLeod (Brisbane)

Karen is passionate about helping all Australians invest in solutions to world issues, such as healthcare, aged care, sustainable property, eco-technologies, food security, and renewable energy.  She enjoys practicing yoga, ocean swimming, volunteering to help grow the responsible investment community and volunteering on social justice issues in her local community. Karen holds the highest level of accreditation in Australia as a Certified Financial Planner TM (CFP).  She also holds a Bachelor of Business (with Distinction). 

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About Ethical Financial Advisers

A professional financial adviser can help you decide how to invest your money ethically.

Certified ethical investment advisers

Some advisers are certified by the Responsible Investment Association Australasia (RIAA).* Others take a particular interest in ethical investment and include the subject when they discuss your personal circumstances.

Advisers and fees

An adviser may charge a fee or take a commission from products sold to you.

How much do I have to pay to my adviser?

How much you pay should be set out in the financial services guide or statement of advice that the adviser must give you. The amount is often negotiable. Talk to the adviser before committing yourself.

How will adviser fees impact my investment?

Please refer to our product guides for managed funds or superannuation about the impact of possible adviser fees or commissions on your investment.

Financial advisers are not agents

Australian Ethical does not recommend any particular adviser. None of the individuals or firms on the financial advisers list is an agent or representative of Australian Ethical.

* Disclaimer
The Responsible Investment Association Australasia (RIAA) Certification Symbol signifies that the financial adviser:

  • offers responsible investment products;

  • has undertaken continuing professional development on responsible investment;

  • conducts inquiries regarding client concerns about environmental, social, ethical and governance issues; and

  • has adopted strict disclosure practices required under the Responsible Investment Certification Program for the category of Financial Adviser.

The Responsible Investment Certification Program does not constitute financial product advice. Neither the Certification Symbol nor RIAA recommends this financial service to any person or guarantees that returns.

The Certification Symbol is a registered trade mark of RIAA. Detailed information about RIAA, the Symbol and the financial adviser can be found at, together with details about other responsible investment products and services certified by RIAA.


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Australian Capital Territory

New South Wales


  • Total Portfolio Management Pty Ltd (Brisbane)
  • Bell Potter Securities (Toowoomba)
  • Ethical Investment Advisers (Bulimba) Certified by RIAA
  • ipac securities limited (Brisbane) Certified by RIAA
  • Ethical Investment Advisers Pty Ltd (Red Hill) Certified by RIAA
  • Bendigo Adelaide Bank (North Rockhampton)
  • Viridian Wealth Management (Annerley) Certified by RIAA
  • Directed Ethical Investment Pty Ltd (Graceville)

South Australia



Western Australia

  • Hunt Financial Solutions (JOONDALUP)
  • Personal Asset Services Pty Ltd (West Perth)
  • JustInvest Financial Planning P/L (Perth) Certified by RIAA
  • Greeve and Associates (Geraldton) Certified by RIAA
  • DJ Carmichael Pty Ltd (Rockingham) Certified by RIAA
  • DJ Carmichael Pty Ltd (Perth) Certified by RIAA
  • Ethical Super (Gelorup) Certified by RIAA
  • DBA Group Accountants (Mt Lawley) Certified by RIAA
  • Personal Asset Services Pty Ltd (West Perth)